The Dancer's Extension

Taking an academic approach to dance education.

Beginners are always welcome to join our adult classes at any time! No experience or special shoes are needed!

BALLET (ages 18 and up)

The most classical form of dance, ballet teaches grace, precision, strength and balance. Dancers will learn proper posture, poise and self confidence in ballet class. Class begins with a series of warm-up stretches at the barre, and continues center floor teaching slow and fast movements, turns and leaps. Ballet terminology is taught in French, so that students will also learn a universal dance vocabulary.

CONTEMPORARY (ages 18 and up)

This form of dance combines ballet and jazz techniques with modern, creative movements. Class begins with a series of center floor exercises and continues with an emphasis on proper body alignment, breathing and technique in movements across the floor through space. A portion of class time is spent on basic choreography elements.

HOT POP! (ages 18 and up)

Join us for some fun with Hot Pop!, the new dance fitness sensation! This low-impact form of exercise for adults combines beginner dance steps with balance and stretching movements. Groove to your favorite pop tunes from the 1950's through today! Finish class feeling refreshed and inspired, knowing you have done something good for your health!