The Dancer's Extension

Taking an academic approach to dance education.

In the effort of learning the ART of dance, each student is encouraged to keep a dance journal.  This does not have to be anything fancy or expensive, nor does it have to be any set size or color or shape.  It simply needs to be paper, bound together in some form or fashion, so that the student can keep track of dance ideas.  Inside this journal, each student can write or draw ideas that they have about dance.  These ideas can be things we learn in class, things you see in the world around you, or things you see on television or magazines.  If a student is lucky enough to see a LIVE show, they could write their thoughts on what they saw in their journal, too.  For the youngest students, drawing pictures will be the best way for them to use their journal.  The purpose is to write or draw things on paper so that you can REMEMBER what you have seen or learned, and then refer back to that in the future for ideas.  Be sure each entry is dated, so that you can see how you have progressed in dance class.  The journal will not be anything graded or anything that I will need to see.  It is purely for the student’s enjoyment and learning.

Each month, we will have a “step of the month”.  This will be a universal dance step that crosses all styles of dance.  I will give each child the step written on paper, so that they have the correct spelling, pronunciation, and definition of each step.  This paper could be taped to a page in their journal for reference.  We will focus on this step during that month in warm-up exercises and choreography.  The step will change each month.  We will also work on a “challenge of the month”.  This is an activity done outside of class to reinforce what we are learning in class, or to expand the student’s knowledge in dance.  Challenges are turned in to Ms. Sonya in order to win a prize from our prize basket.  Students can win one prize for every three challenges completed.  We keep a chart in the studio to log students' progress with the challenges of the month.  Students who complete the challenge of the month each month for the entire dance season will be recognized in our Spring Concert program and with a certificate.  Completed challenges will be returned to the students so they can place them in their dance journals.  In addition, students working on induction in the NHSDA earn points for each challenge they complete.

Please find the step and challenge of the month updated each month on our website, and distributed to each student on paper at the first class of each new month.  By the end of the academic year, each child will have a journal full of ideas, pictures, and words that they can then practice over the summer and turn into their own works of choreography.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about our dance journals. Thank you as always for your support and encouragement of your child as we work together to teach them the moving art form of dance.