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Challenge of the Month


It’s a new school year!  Even though we have TONS of FUN at dance class, dance class can also be very serious.  In the 1800’s, students attended “danse d’ecole”, literally a school of dance, where NOTHING was in fun.  It was all very serious business!  Thinking about this, what do you think dance class is – is it all just fun, or is it serious, too?  When you come to dance class each week, what do you want to learn?  Set some goals for your experience in dance class this year!  We'll start a chart in the studio to list our goals, then we’ll work together to achieve those goals.  Good luck and let’s have a GREAT year learning the art of dance at The Dancer’s Extension!

You may write your thoughts on this paper or on a separate sheet.  If you don’t know how to write all your letters and words yet, ask your mom or dad to write them for you.  Complete this challenge and you get a star on our chart.  Three stars (from three challenges) and you earn a prize from the prize basket.  Due by Friday, September 29, 2017.

Step of the Month