The Dancer's Extension

Taking an academic approach to dance education.

Challenge of the Month


October 22-28 is "Love Your Body Week".  This is a NDEO sponsored event that is dedicated to creating body-positive dance environments.  Our bodies are amazing machines, and a gift that we must take care of.  The goal is to build healthy self-esteem and positive self-worth.  We want to honor our own individual strengths and abilities.  Let's celebrate all the wonderful things our bodies can do!

In the sections below, fill in the blanks with your own personal answers.  The first blank is obviously for your name.  The second blank should name a body part, and the third blank describes how this body part helps you in dance class.  There are no right or wrong answers.  This is about YOU and how YOU love your body and what YOU can do!  If you like, you may also draw a picture to match your statement in the space below the blanks.  These will go on our clips above the mirrors.  By the end of the month, we should have a wall FULL of positive body statements.  This challenge is due by Monday, October 30 and is worth one star on our chart.

Hi!  My name is  _______________.

I like my _______________

because it helps me to ____________________.

Step of the Month


Floor Fourth

This is a more contemporary pose, but a great position for stretching for all dancers.  While sitting on the floor, wrap the left leg to the left and keep it on the floor behind you.  Bend the right knee and pull the right foot in to the left knee.  From this position, you can stretch in all directions, lengthening the muscles connecting the legs with the hips.  Be sure to keep the hips solid on the floor for the best possible stretch (don't use the hands to push up off the floor).  Switch legs, putting the left in front and the right in back.  This position is called floor fourth because one foot is in front and one foot is in back, just like the classical standing fourth position.