The Dancer's Extension

Taking an academic approach to dance education.

Youth Lessons, for ages 3-18

We welcome boys and girls, ages potty trained through high school seniors, to enroll in all of our weekly classes.  Class placement is based upon age and technical ability, class size and scheduling.

INTRODUCTORY BALLET (ages potty trained to 6)

This class, designed for the youngest dancer, allows the student to learn the very fundamentals of ballet while giving them the freedom to create dance. Balance, posture and gross motor skills are emphasized. All lessons are taught center floor with the opportunity for improvisation at the end of each class time.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (ages potty trained to 6)

Class begins with center floor exercises to engage the body and the brain.  Students are taught to move within the space of the studio to various sounds, instruments and rhythms.  Inspirations for dance guide the young student to be creative in using movement to explain an idea.  Class ends with a calm, smooth cool down in a circular formation.  

BALLET (ages 6 through 18)

The most classical form of dance, ballet teaches grace, precision, strength and balance. Dancers will learn proper posture, poise and self confidence in ballet class. Class begins with a series of warm-up stretches at the barre, and continues center floor teaching slow and fast movements, turns and leaps. Ballet terminology is taught in French, so that students will also learn a universal dance vocabulary.

CONTEMPORARY (ages 6 through 18)

This form of dance combines ballet and jazz techniques with modern, creative movements. Class begins with a series of center floor exercises and continues with an emphasis on proper body alignment, breathing and technique in turns and jumps. A portion of class time is spent working on improvisation and basic choreography elements alone, in pairs or in groups.

JAZZ (ages 6 through 18)

A constantly evolving style of dance, jazz focuses on the body moving to various rhythms. Class begins center floor with a series of warm-up isolations from head to toes, then continues center floor teaching various walk-run styles, turns and leaps in dance phrases. Jazz is a high energy class that ends with a nice, slow cool-down.

POINTE (ages 12 and up, by teacher recommendation)

Once a dancer has gained knowledge and strength in ballet, they are ready to progress to a more advanced form of ballet known as pointe. Special shoes are worn to allow the dancer to move and balance on the toes. Correct technique is enforced as the dancer becomes more aware of their potential.